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Your Digital Copy of "Inner Fire in 7 Steps"

Inside the book you will learn:

Step 1: Learn the basics of the subtle body and Inner Fire meditation
Five practices to prepare your being

Step 2: How to settle in the oneness at your core
Entering the central channel

Step 3: Getting in touch with bliss
Igniting the inner fire

Step 4: Reach the crown chakra
Melting the kundalini drop in the crown

Step 5: Allow the perfect inner kiss
Guiding the upper kundalini all the way down

Step 6: Reveal the secret of the secret chakra
Experiencing the ultimate joy

Step 7: Disappear into emptiness
Leading kundalini back to the crown


What others say about the Inner Fire Meditation

“My love for the Inner Fire Practice
The closest comparison to the Inner Fire practice I can think of, is the magical process of transformation of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. 
Such an evolution is possible for us humans too!
In the practice of Inner Fire we transmute our physical substance back into the light of pure consciousness. Our essential nature. 
In the Inner Fire all of our conditioning, illusions, and identifications burn away, and we realize the enlightened state. 
There is no greater Bliss.
And through practice this Bliss becomes our state of being, rather than an experience that can come and go. 
Whenever one longs for totality and the wisdom of Bliss, to fully choose to be in love with Truth, this is the ultimate meditation practice.”
Lizelot de Stigter

Through the meditation of the inner fire, I clearly feel the life force within me. The power that is inherent in all living things and connects everything. I am an inseparable part of life. At first, the breathing technique was still necessary to let this energy rise in me. Now it flows through pure concentration and visualization. It is liberating to experience myself as an expression of this energy, which is much greater than our limited, conditioned personality.

Elisabeth Dreher

For a year now I have been practicing the meditation of the Inner Fire (Tummo) 2x a day. Almost completely disappeared are anger, cravings and worries. What shows up instead more and more are a great serenity, calmness, peace, silence, joy, bliss, gratitude, clarity, humility, admiration of the fascinating beauty of nature and people. Harmony with what is. I also practice other exercises and meditations, such as Mahamudra, but Tummo Meditation certainly has the greatest share of changes. I can recommend it from the bottom of my heart.

Ralph Byrszel

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