Introduction to the inner fire

If you know how to practice inner fire you no longer require any other meditative practice.

It is the basis for a sublime meditation. It’s horizons only expand the more you expand into it’s secrets.

Inner Fire shows you that you have all the energies and capacities to awaken yourself within yourself. 

Tummo, the meditation of the inner fire has caused a true revolution in me. Although I have been meditating for 7 years now, the inner fire meditation is the only technique that I immediately wanted to practice every day. It goes directly through the body into consciousness. It feels like I am directly awakening my Kundalini energy and explosively directing it through the meditation. For me it is the ultimate second chakra as well as seventh chakra awakening formula. Also, the connection with the breathing technique is great. I am very grateful to have discovered Tummo. Especially connected with Shai’s interpretation and linking with spiritual wisdom. So step by step the full potential of the technique is revealed.

Philipp Ritzler